• Andrey Mamontov

Aerob helps to train UAV operators for the EMERCOM of Russia

This year, the first graduation of UAV operators will take place at the Civil Defense Academy of The Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters. The Skolkovo company “Aerob”, one of the participants in the Startup Village conference, supplied the Academy with a unique training complex, Andrey Mamontov — the CEO of “Aerob”, told Sk.ru. The Civil Defence Academy is pleased with the cooperation with Skolkovo and intends to expand it, they say in the EMERCOM of Russia.


According to Sergey Schukarev, Vice-Rector of the Civil Defence Academy of EMERCOM of Russia, specialists in the operation and maintenance of unmanned aerial vehicles have been trained at the Academy since 2011. “Cooperation with the Skolkovo company Aerob is an example of effective interaction,” Mr. Schukarev told Sk.ru. — We managed to equip our laboratories with samples of unmanned aerial vehicles, on the basis of which training is carried out. We plan to develop cooperation with Aerob: the contingent of students and the range of aircrafts on which training is being performed will expand. ”


Aerob, a participant of the Skolkovo Foundation, is a developer of unmanned aerial vehicles and UAV automated control systems. Aerob was one of the first companies to enter the market offering affordable operational services for aerial photography and cartography using UAVs.

Andrey Mamontov told Sk.ru some of the details of a joint project with the Emergencies Ministry of Russia. “The Aerob company has developed a unique training complex that allows you to train operators of unmanned aerial systems. The complex is a model of a drone with payloads — photo and video cameras — as well as a simulation system, which allows you to conduct a complete online flight simulation for the purpose of pre-flight operator training.

Our main task is to provide a universal product that could be easily applied in such ministries as the Emergencies Ministry of Russia. Skolkovo currently unites five manufacturers of aircraft for various purposes and configurations. We plan to combine the achievements of the Skolkovo participants related to unmanned aerial systems, to use not only fixed-wing systems, but also multi-rotor ones, etc.; to form a single base for the purpose of software unification, so that any trained operator of this Academy could use different types of drones in various application fields,” Mamontov said.

To enter the UAV into circulation in the common airspace, some work is required. This also applies to UAV operator training. For these purposes, we are developing training complexes, so that on the basis of the Civil Defence Academy it would be possible to produce qualified personnel of both UAV operating and air traffic management in general airspace. These operators will be able to control drones in a high-quality manner and work with them within the framework of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

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