Unmanned Aerial Vehicles


 Medium Range Fixed-Wing UAVs 

  • Best solution for comprehencive large area surveillanceand extended object monitoring

  • Optical/thermal imaging, radar scanning, cargo transportation

  • High inflight stability and wide operation range

  • World best-in-class purchase and operation cost

 Small Range Fixed-Wing UAVs 

  • Autonomous day & night surveillance, ground object inspection nad safety provision

  • Low noise covert operation

  • Compact and lightweight design

 Multirotor UAVs 

  • Wide range of drone-based services

  • Automatic evrtical take-off & landing

  • Hover at defined waypoints

  • Vision-based autonomous target tracking

 Unmanned/Piloted Micro Helicopters 

  • Ultralight & compact personal aerial vehicle for pilot training, hobby and sport

  • Amphibian, unmanned, single or double seat modifications

  • Foldable construction for transportation by car

 Unmanned Cargo Helicopters 

  • Powerful multipurpose autonomous platform

  • Wide cargo transportation capabilities

  • Stable coaxial dual-rotor design with elastic blade joints

  • Various power unit options (hybrid, hydrogen fuel cells, ICE)

Power Units

  • Best-in-class efficiency factor

  • Proprietary innovative design

  • Kerosene, gasoline, diesel fuel

  • Wide capacity range

 Aviation Internal Combustion Engines 

 Hybrid Propulsion Systems 

  • Reduced pollution, noise & heat

  • Highest flight safety due to application of electric engines powered by accumulator batteries in case of an engine failure

  • Wide output power range

 Hydrogen Fuel Cells

  • Ultramodern innovative solution

  • Extra long flight duration

  • 100% eco-friendly design (H2O) exaust

  • 15x higher specific energy over Li-Ion  batteries


  • Low weight & high durability

  • Hundreds of thousandsss of recharge cycles                          without capacity degradation

  • Wide operation temperature range



 Automatic control modules 

  • Intelligent flight control algorithms    

  • Fully autonomous and remotely piloted flight modes

  • Simultaneous onboard rout, navigation, telemetry            & remote control data processing

  • Dual CAN-bus for supreme flight safety

 Inertial Navigation Modules 

  • Comprehensive positioning & 3D movement dynamics                    data gathering


  • Linear & angular acceleration processing

  • Continued position tracking even in case of GNSS signal lost

 Power Сontrol Modules 

  • Multi-voltage equipment supply

  • Onboard system condition data gathering

  • Triple redundant of electrical circuits

 High-Precision GNSS Receivers 

  • Centimeter accuracy of vertical positioning without                        base station RTK-corrections 


  • Low power consumption

 Air-Probe Modules 

  • Deep analysis of altitude-speed performance

  • Precision air-data sensing

  • Robust design



 Multipurpose Optical Modules 

  • Visible/thermal spectra photo & video capturing 

  • Precise object identification from a high altitude

  • Efficient 3-axis gimbal stabilization

  • Reliable shock, water & dust protection

 Synthetic Aperture Radars (SAR) 

  • All-weather surface/subsurface scanning & 3D modeling

  • Integrated GNSS receiver for autonomous navigation 

  • Demi-decimeter resolution and large operation distance

  • Onboard radar data processing and storage

 Cargo Bays 

  • Fast autonomous long-range cargo transportation

  • Customizable aerodynamic design

  • Reliable protection of transported cargos

 Spectrometers & Gas Analyzers 

  • Gamma-ray sources search & localization, hazardous gases and air impurities concentration measurement

  • Continuous operation option with a special cable                for simultaneous power and data transmission

 Ultracompact LIDARs 

  • 3D surface scanning and object size measurement

  • Ultralight & compact design for best UAV performance

  • Precise accuracy and high power efficiency




 Partable Ground Control Stations 

  • Equipped workplaces for UAV pilot & payload operator

  • Laptops, monitors, antennas, charging device and accumulator batteries

  • Multiple UAV/Payload control, rout management              & group task planning

  • Real-time telemetry & video processing

  • Shock/water/dust protection

  • Multiple UAV sets, peripheral equipment & spare parts storage and transportation

  • Equipped workplaces for UAV pilot & payload operator

  • Roof luggage stand & fuel stock compartment

  • Air heater, conditioner and diesel-generator with autonomous power supply

  • Flexible customization for various vehicles

 Van-Based Ground Control Stations 

 Mobile UAV Launchers 

  • Repeated take-offs of multiple UAVs from unequipped sites

  • Stretched rubber and pneumatic construction options

  • Electric winch, manual or vehicle stretching cocking methods

  • Mobile & portable design for easy assembling & transportation

  • Specialized software for UAS control, management & maintenance

  • Real-time aeronautical & map data processing, 2D/3D flight visualization & simulation

  • Automatic flight task management and checking of conformity with UAV capabilities

  • UAV status information and alerts

 Remote Information & Control Systems 

Specialized  Communication Equipment


 Secured Digital Radio Stations 

  • Noise-Immune Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) digital radio stations (voice/data)

  • Portable waterproof FHSS digital radio stations (voice/data)

  • Mobile radio stations for vehicles (voice/data)

  • High-sense covert body-placed radio stations (voice/tone)

  • Multipurpose digital radio stations (voice/video/text/coordinates/biometry/ tactical symbols)

  • High-speed radio stations (voice/video)

  • Portable high-speed radio stations (for Mesh-networks)

  • 4-channel mobile control points (voice/video processing)

 Secured Radio Channels & Modems 

  • Autonomous wide-range dust-/waterproof repeaters

  • Secured digital radio modems for UAV & Robotics

  • Small-class UAV video transmission systems

  • Secured COFDM radio channel equipment

  • Digital multichannel systems for Robotics

  • High-speed interference-free IP radio modems for Robotics

  • OFDM-signal power amplifiers

  • External coders for analog/digital cameras connection

  • Secured mobile wireless video receivers

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