Pilot and Small-Scale Production

  • UAVs, Power Units, Avionics, Payloads & Peripheral Equipment

  • Customized Pilot Trainers, Simulators & Test Desks

  • Complete Design & Technological Documentation

 UAVs, UAS Components, Equipment 

  • Fuselages, Wings and Propellers of Carbon/Basalt/Glass Fiber Composites

  • Aluminum Alloy Castings 

  • Housings for UAV Components & Peripheral Equipment

 Construction Parts & Units 


  • Math Modelling & Autonomous UAV Operation Algorithms

  • UAV components firmware

  • UAS & Payload Remote Control Software

  • Software for Simulators and Test Benches

Works & Services

for UAS Manufacturers

and Operators


 Business Consulting 

  • Drone-Based Services

  • Service Robotics

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Big Data

  • Blockchain

  • ICO

 Technical Expertise 

  • Third-Party UAV Solution Expertise

  • Fuselage Design, Manufacturing & Testing

 Legal Assistance 

  • UAS Business Activities Licensing

  • UAV Registration & Certification

 Training & Certification 

  • UAV Pilots

  • Payload Operators

  • UAS Maintenance Specialists

 Tests & Trials 

  • UAV Concepts & Prototypes

  • Aviation Equipment

  • UAC Components

 Support & Maintenance 

  • Technical Support, Maintenance, Repair, Upgrade & Customization of Supplied UAS

  • Mapping, orthophotography, terrain model building, bathymetry

  • One-time survey and regular monitoring of infrastructure, monitoring of mobile objects

  • Detection of illegal buildings, control of illegal economic activities & illegal fishing

  • Control of coastlines, channel processes and the state        of water protection zones

  • Environmental monitoring

 Aerial Photography & Video Monitoring of objects 

  • Aerial photography with high resolution digital and multispectral cameras

  • Processing data on crops and provision of recommendations for yields increasing

  • Automated treatment of plants with chemical and biological agents for diseases and pests control

  • Ensuring farmland safety by monitoring potential threats

 Services for Agriculture 

 Services for Forestry 

  • Monitor the horizon with a wide-angle video camera for smoke points coordinates determination

  • Remote monitoring of forest use, detection of illegal logging and theft, search for illegally occupied areas and landfills

  • Search for pest outbreaks

  • Conducting search and rescue operations, lighting areas, audio-visual alarm

  • Prompt delivery of goods to remote areas


of Drone-Based



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